Statements of Heritage Impact

When a listed heritage building is modified, an assessment of impact needs to be undertaken in order to measure the extent to which such modifications would have on the fabric and significance of the place. Some modifications will be minor and would have little impact whereas others will have a significant impact on the fabric or the setting of a place. The heritage impact statement is divided into five sections as follows; firstly, the historical analysis in order to understand the provenance and the history; secondly, the physical analysis in order to study the condition and intactness of the fabric; thirdly, the significance analysis in order to determine the level of significance as well as the nature of the various heritage values contained therein; fourthly, an analysis of the proposed work before it commences in order to understand its potential impact and lastly; an assessment of impact based on the information obtained from the four previous components.

Thus, the Heritage Impact Statement is a necessary first step in planning changes for heritage buildings and places. It seeks to protect the fabric and set out well researched responses to any modification type. Heritage 21 has undertaken more than 1,500 Heritage Impact Statements since starting its consultancy and is therefore well placed to assist you with your heritage documentation needs.



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