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Workable Heritage Policies

In the age of corporatisation, the public realm has shrunk. The public realm comprises public goods like hospitals, education, the Internet, public parks and heritage.

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The Economic Benefits of Heritage

The economic benefits of cultural heritage are manifest in many forms such as tourism, sustained real estate values and a burgeoning domestic construction and maintenance industry in most of Australia’s historic centres.

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Heritage Good Governance

The NSW heritage management system is devoid of incentives making it worthwhile for owners, developers and incoming purchasers to embrace its spiritual and significance values.

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Heritage & Neo-liberalism

In the age of ‘neo-liberalism, governments in developed countries have moved progressively away from the ‘welfare state model’ towards more economic rationalist approaches .

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Heritage Listing

Australia’s heritage listing practices only evolved in the mid 1970s having followed the trajectory of certain international developments.

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The Australian Veranda

The origin of the Australian Veranda House comes from India. English military officers stationed in India as part of the British Empire brought the design with them to Australia.

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