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Incentivising Cultural Built Heritage

Over the last ten years, the efficacy of heritage as a public good in society has been in steady decline. In the late 20th century, heritage enjoyed rising prominence in the public consciousness and within evolving planning frameworks at every level of government.

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Neo-Liberal Governance

Since the 1980s, governments have been shifting progressively away from the post-war ‘Welfare State’ model towards a neo-liberal paradigm.

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New Departures in Incentivising Private Heritage Conservation

The creation of heritage value through more innovative policies is the key to the sustainability of the conservation sector and community support. There are lessons to be gained and adapted from international best practice. For example, the modification of property rights incorporating the granting of easements is a nascent area of heritage policy reform and…

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Heritage Incentives

Funding pressure on Cultural Built Heritage (CBH) has affected the manner in which heritage conservation and management operates.

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The Cost Burden Placed On Private Owners

It must be emphasised that all property owners whether heritage listed or not are constrained by planning restrictions which ultimately have a bearing on property values.  However, heritage listings proceed on the basis that over and above privately captured values, there are values vested in the public interest.

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The Trouble With Listing Campaigns

Underlying the future workability of any heritage management system is the notion of information. It is essential that information about restrictions and costs be made available to owners, future purchasers and developers.

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Heritage Listing Processes at State and Local Level

The Heritage Management System (HMS) in NSW is administered primarily through planning instruments providing for general controls by local councils, upper level intervention for contested items and issues of state significance, and mechanisms for certain appeal rights.

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