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NSW Local Heritage Under Imminent Threat

Helen Wilson, a local heritage advisor has expressed concern that the latest Heritage Council (HC) letter dated 29 October, 2013 on the NSW Planning Bill seems to be a complete about-face on a number of the Heritage Council’s previous concerns.

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Management & Maintenance

The maintenance of heritage buildings is the key to longevity. Poorly maintained buildings fall quickly into disrepair and abandoned heritage buildings suffer the indignity of vandalism, squatting and the usual train of destruction, most often resulting in fires and the loss of fabric.

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Rural Heritage in NSW

Of all the constituent types, rural heritage is amongst a group that struggles the most in adapting to 21st Century urbanisation. By urbanisation, I mean the incipient and often rapacious development

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Policy Innovation in the Heritage Sector

There is a cost for the setting up and maintaining of any heritage management system (HMS) whether it operates at state or local government level. In a country like Australia where more than 90% of the listed stock is in private ownership, who pays for heritage? Is the current system working efficiently or is it…

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