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ICOMOS Rejects Proposed Planning Bill

On 10 November 2013, Australia International Council on Monument and Sites (ICOMOS) wrote to the Honourable Member of Parliament, Luke Foley imploring him and his party not to support the upcoming legislation which intends to radically change the planning system in New South Wales.

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Assessing Heritage Impacts

In most cases heritage impact assessments are carried out by professionals on behalf of the owners or developers. Essentially, the fee for carrying out the assessment is paid by the applicant and not the council and herein lies a potential conflict of interest.

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The Economic Benefits of Cultural Built Heritage (CBH)

There is a wide variety of cultural heritage in society and because of its broad church, it is difficult to define. From a business perspective, it is not only about old and pretty things or the recognised physical monuments; it often involves powerful human emotions.

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