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Paradigm Shifts in the Heritage Movement

In an intriguing article published recently in the International Journal of Heritage Studies (2014) by Joks Janssen, Eric Luiten, Hans Renes & Jan Rouwendal, the authors maintain that from the late 1970s onwards, heritage conservation practice in most western European countries

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Planning the Future of Heritage

In a 1995 article published in the Journal of the American Planning Association (JAPA – 61:1, 82-94), William Baer maintains that conservationists have not looked at the long-term effect of their goals for historic preservation.

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Defining Cultural Landscapes

What is a ‘cultural landscape’? David Jacques (1995) explains an article published in the International Journal of Heritage Studies (1:2, 91-101) that cultural landscapes suddenly emerged in the early 1990s as a topic of great interest for the international conservation community.

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Heritage Management Under a Decentralised Model

The purpose of Cultural Built Heritage (CBH) in society is to mark historical time and place by extolling the remaining examples as representative of their era. The recognition that cities are made up of layers adds richness to the character of the place

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