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Heritage Tourism – A Delicate Balance

Ruth McManus has an interesting take on heritage tourism. In a 1997 article published in Irish Geography, she relates that heritage is a word with many meanings, most relating to its general interpretation as ‘that which is inherited from the past’.

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The State of Local Government in NSW

Over the past thirty years, we have witnessed significant changes in governance practices, moving from centralised forms of governance, where the government exerts strong directive influence, to more pluralistic forms

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Economic Benefits of Cultural Built Heritage

In 2005, Randall Mason published a discussion paper referred to as “Economics and Historic Preservation: A Guide and Review of the Literature”. It was prepared for the Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program. Mason’s review emphasises the enormous benefits of cultural built heritage virtually on the basis of any metric used to assess such benefits.

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National Planning Policy Framework – UK, 2012

Wouldn’t it be amazing if Australia had a national policy framework matching that of the UK? The English version sets out a bunch of polices as to how local governments within the UK ought to treat cultural heritage significance

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