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Urban Heritage – Social Contract

“In the context of rapid cultural and economic globalisation, over half of the world’s population now lives in urban areas. Through rural migration, new economic opportunities and enhanced global mobilities, cities and towns have expanded dramatically resulting in challenges to their character and identity.

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Heritage Movement – USA

In discussing the early days of the heritage movement in America, Rhonda Sincavage posts on the Public History Commons website (5 May 2015) that the movement was very much in its “young adulthood” and was experiencing growing pains.

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Cultural Heritage Tourism

Today, tourism is a world-wide industry of mammoth proportions and reaches into every corner of the Earth. It has a high increase rate. International arrivals are expected to reach over 1.56 billion by the year 2020.

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The Role of the Heritage Architect/ Planner

The process of converting a heritage building to contemporary use is a rare science and a fine art. It is a rare science from the point of view that one is dealing with original building fabric which may be very old, fragile and unstable.

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Cultural Heritage Policy in Australia

Hewison (1996) writes that to have a cultural policy means having a vision that encompasses ideas, images, values, artisans and audiences which have a long term goal of improving opportunities for creativity and of giving as much access as

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