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Heritage Disconnect

Dr. Robyn Clinch (see reference below) writes that there is a considerable disconnect between the theoretical education of potential heritage practitioners and those whose task it is to process heritage applications for proposed developments involving heritage buildings. This is especially the case in Australian planning jurisdictions. Although there are excellent theoretical principles that underpin practice by heritage professionals, the implementation of these practices, in reality, relies upon mechanistic and autonomous controls on the part of planning apparatchiks whose knowledge is not necessarily aligned with ever-shifting heritage orthodoxies. Nor should they necessarily be. I will come back to this point in just a moment.

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Conservation and Conflict: Protecting Cultural Heritage

Claims of historical inaccuracy surrounded the 2014 release of “the Monuments Men” movie directed by and starring George Clooney. The main issue raised being that the film failed to adequately highlight the achievements of the group of historians, architects and museum professionals that had banded together to save thousands of priceless artworks during and after World War II.

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