Observations about heritage

Heritage Community Action

In regard to cultural built heritage, who and what is the community? Is it confined to people who live in a heritage area or is it the greater public

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Heritage Today

The links between society and heritage are identified as central to the debate on human inheritance, both tangible and intangible.

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Proposed Council Mergers – Heritage

Is it good or bad for heritage? What is the purpose of the proposed council mergers and will there be benefits for the management of cultural built heritage at a local government level? Together with contributory items in NSW, Australia, there are approximately 40,000 heritage buildings and places in NSW that enjoy local government protection through listing on council registers.

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Critical cultural heritage theory

The primary aim of this blog is to examine the use and understand heritage as a concept. We explore how culture is studied, perceived and defined within the practice of contemporary conservation.

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Urban Terror – Is this the new normal?

Following Friday’s (13 November, 2015) attack on Paris, it is time to take stock of the destructive impact on the world’s cultural built heritage in Syria, Iraq, Turkey, France, the UK, America, Africa and Australia.

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What does heritage change?

The Canada Research Chair in Urban Heritage of UQAM’s School of Management in collaboration with Concordia University and the Center for Oral History

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