Heritage 21 holds regular seminars for any person or group interested in the built heritage environment. The seminars range in size from small groups of three to twenty and more. Seminars cover a wide range of subjects listed below:

Course A

  • Heritage significance
  • Conserving historic fabric
  • How to write heritage reports
  • The history of heritage movements in Australia
  • Assessing heritage significance
  • Australian house styles
  • The Burra Charter
  • Running architectural heritage projects

Course B

  • Heritage legislation
  • World heritage philosophy
  • Conservation management plans
  • Heritage economics
  • Understanding the built environment
  • Heritage curtilage and setting
  • Conservation areas
  • Balancing the private right to develop land and the public interest concern

If you would like to arrange a seminar or book a place at the next scheduled seminar, please contact the office on (02) 9519 2521



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