Chalmers Street Substation - Transport NSW

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About the project
Key Details
  • About The Project

    Heritage design advice, liaison with the construction team, taking charge of all lodgements to OEH and liaised with sub- contractors including electrical, fire, hydraulic, mechanical, etc. for the existing 1920s sub- station and selection of materials and finishes for the new sub- station.

  • Summary

    Heritage 21 was commissioned by Beca Consulting Engineers to participate in all stages of the construction of a new electrical sub-station at the Charmers Street end of Central Station in Chippendale, NSW. This commission spanned the entire range of consultant input including heritage design advice, detailed documentation, site induction and participation throughout the construction phase. The work included the repurposing of the existing sub-station building that was constructed in the 1920s. This building was surveyed in detail by Heritage 21 to find appropriate new uses for the building.

  • What was done

    A new sub-station building was constructed close to the existing sub-station building- the later being heritage listed in accordance with the CMP that was prepared by Heritage 21. Many services had to run from the new sub-station into the old building and it was Heritage 21’s job to ensure that no damage was sustained to any heritage fabric in the three buildings- Prince Alfred substation, switching house and compressor house.

  • Time frame

    Approximately 4 years from design to construction completion.

Services provided
  • Conservation Management Plan
  • Numerous Statements of Heritage Impact.
  • Liaison with Sydney Trains
  • Working closely with RCC and Abergeldie (contractors)
  • Temporary Protection Plan
  • Interpretation Strategy
  • Schedules of Fabric Significance
  • Presiding over all applications to the consent authority for changes, variations, etc.
  • On-site Heritage Architect
Why was the work undertaken?

Sydney Trains determined that an additional electrical sub-station would be required to run the trains in accordance with a major rail network expansion throughout metropolitan Sydney.

Who was the work completed for?

Mainly for RCC and Abergeldie Contractors, but also for Sydney Trains indirectly. Heritage 21 also worked closely with Becca Engineers, GHD and Amac Archaeologists.


A successful project for the ongoing use and improvement of the metropolitan rail network and complete protection and conservation of the three heritage items on the site being the Prince Alfred substation, switching house and compressor house.

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What our clients
& partners say:

“We would also like to take a quick moment to thank you all for your contribution to the project and we will update you on any developments as necessary”

Jose Serrao
Registered Architect

“Dear Heritage 21 team, I am please to advise that all the work prepared by your team has satisfied council’s contentions. We definitely know who to come to next time for heritage matters. ”

Andres Caceres
Level 33

“Thank you for all your work preparing this Statement of Heritage. I sat down yesterday and had a good read cover to cover, and felt very appreciative of your level of research and detailed consideration of our requirements.”

Varuna', Katoomba

“Just wanted to let you know, Council agreed with us in our application to reinstate the front facade! I am so excited. I wanted to thank you for all your help in getting this across the line. ”

Jane Frawley

“It has been a pleasure to work with you and your team as well!”

Holding Redlich

“Dear Heritage 21 team - This is an excellent result, thank you for all your work.”

Sevda Cemil

“Sites with heritage values present great opportunities, however often can be easily derailed if clear, concise and timely advice is not provide at the earliest stages of site planning. I have worked with Heritage 21 over numerous projects across Sydney and have found them to be valuable project partners in the development process. ”

Vince Hardy
Urban Planning Consultant, Cityscapeplanning+projects


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