Schedule of Conservation Works

H21 prepares Schedules of Conservation Work in order to establish the elements in a heritage building that require conservation & repairs.

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What is this report for?

An SCW assists the H21’s clients in conserving their listed heritage building or contributory building in a Heritage Conservation Area. The key emphasis is on retention, conservation and long-term management.

What is in this report?

H21 will visit the subject site and determine what elements within the building or on the site are significant. These elements are graded into five categories as follows: Exceptional, High, Moderate, Little, Intrusive. The condition of each element is graded in accordance to the following five categories: Excellent, Very good, Good, Fair and Poor. Typically, the elements of a building include the following: setting, curtilage, streetscape, roof, external walls, internal walls, ceilings, floors, landscaping, doors, windows, hardware, verandas, balconies, etc.

Once this is done, H21 will provide a brief specification for the conservation of each element. H21 has 30 years of experience in readily identifying elements of Heritage Significance in a building in order to assist its clients in formulating a design proposal that respectfully retains elements of heritage significance but also allows contemporary modification to be made in such buildings/ places in a well-balanced and appropriate manner.

Why do I need this report?

In order to understand what parts of the building should be retained, or to be conserved, maybe be modified, or to be removed/ demolished. This is based on the retention of not only the original fabric but often consecutive layers that show the evolution and development off the property with its key changes.

When do I need this report?

Usually, after the DA has been approved by the consent authority which will have conditioned that an SCW be prepared pursuant to the Construction Certificate.

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