Fabric Significance Grading

In every historical building there is a hierarchy of significance. This ranges between ‘exceptional’ to ‘intrusive’.  In between there is ‘high’, ‘moderate’ and ‘little’. On this basis, strategies for future change are guided in accordance with such a hierarchy.

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What is this report for?

Quiet often when there are many buildings on a site belonging to a campus or a precinct and work is proposed throughout that campus or precinct it is necessary to determine the relative significance of each separate structure/ building. On a scale of 1-5 where 1 = exceptional, 2 = high, 3 = moderate, 4 = little and 5 = intrusive, each building/ structure is given a rating by H21’s expert heritage consultants. This significance analysis will assist architects, planners, owners, project managers, and other stakeholders in panning the works required to be undertaken. Generally, consent authorities require that buildings rated 1 and 2 be avoided; that buildings rated 3 can be modified, that buildings rated 4 can either be kept or removed and buildings rated 5; should be removed. Thus, H21 is able to provide a road map ahead of any master-plan developed for a site on which a heritage building/ buildings are located.

What is in this report?

Primarily this report contains a relative significance rating for each component of a building or each building in a campus of buildings or in a precinct of buildings were heritage significance is likely to be found. It maybe that the significance may have already been identified in previous reports or has been identified by way of a heritage listing or a determination that a certain building/ buildings contribute to a heritage conservation area.

Why do I need this report?

You will need this report before planning hat you intent doing in relation to heritage buildings in order to avoid areas of high significance and to apply most of the intensive development to areas of little or intrusive significance on a site. By engaging H21 to prepare such a report numerous reworkings of the design that are both time consuming and costly can be avoided if you get the right heritage advice upfront when you need it most.

When do I need this report?

At the planning/design stage.

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