Temporary Protection Plans

When important heritage buildings are to be physically modified or in cases where construction work is happening in the vicinity of a heritage building, it is necessary to prescribe methods to protect the heritage building from vibration, dust, potential physical impact and underground construction.

The Temporary Protection Plan outlines methods for ensuring that such buildings are protected during these works.

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What is this report for?

Many heritage buildings that were built more than a hundred years ago contain fragile fabric that is easily disturbed when heavy modern day building equipment is used in close proximity to such buildings. In conjunction with structural engineers, H21 provides temporary protection plans to identify what parts of the building require protection and by what means. Excavation and vibration are major considerations and all necessary precaution will need to be taken to protect the heritage building when large excavators are brought into close proximity of a heritage building. Dust is another consideration and appropriate measure will need to be taken to keep dust out certain buildings. In other cases where internal work is taking place, or certain areas will need to be closed of to the public and/ or the construction team. In this fashion H21 will be able to provide an appropriate Temporary Protection Plan that the key values of the heritage building are maintained and protected throughout the construction period and then removed immediately after.

What is in this report?

It is to protect the heritage building and prevent inadvertent damage or collapse when working near, inside, above, and below a heritage building.

Why do I need this report?

The consent authority may request for such a report to be produced or it maybe the insurance company responsible for the heritage building that requires such a report from an applicant working on a nearby site or it maybe your own due diligence that behoves you to undertake a Heritage Temporary Protection Plan.

When do I need this report?

Usually pursuant to the Construction Certificate stage of the application. In the case of any dispute relating to damage or collapse such a report can be relied upon in order to determine whether the builder took adequate precautions to carry out these specified measures in the Temporary Protection Plan.

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