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Maddox Street 3Last week, on Thursday 30 July 2015, Rappoport Heritage Consultants merged with Heritage 21 and the new company is now called “Heritage 21”. It is easier to spell and pronounce and is a brand directly associated with what we do. At the launch, Paul Rappoport gave a speech and the following text is an extract from it.


“I would like to thank everybody for coming here tonight to celebrate the launch of Heritage 21 – H21 by abbreviation – it almost sounds like water – H20, but we are one better than water. Heritage 21 came about as an idea to give our company an edgy feel, one that is contemporary and here in the 21st century. It’s strange to think of heritage as a contemporary thing, but all the work that we do in this firm is about change. Change to suit our contemporary lifestyle expectations”.

Invite“The edge that we give ourselves is the high art and the rare science. Renovating or refurbishing old buildings requires a deep knowledge of building construction and materials and an ability to modify structures to suit new uses without destroying those structures. Indeed, to capitalise on new uses by providing opportunities for conservation. Therein lies the quid pro quo. The owners and developers get their new facilities but they also get from us – information about the history of their buildings and a better appreciation of heritage compared to their position when they started off with the project.”

“We have had some tricky clients who have boldly informed us at the start of the project that they hate heritage and it’s just too complicated and difficult to get anything done. Starting with councils which appear subjectively indulgent and going on eventually to the trades, by the time they finish with us, they not only love their buildings conserved but they love us too – at least most of them.”

“Why? Because we have patience and can guide our clients through a very difficult regulatory heritage framework. It is even difficult for us to understand the constantly changing rules and we do this every day, but also because we all take our work very seriously. We believe in heritage. We honestly believe that it is an essential public good and needs looking after. With our knowledge and devotion, Heritage 21 can impart great value to any heritage project as some of you already know and that is why you are our clients and that is why you are here tonight.”

If you have any questions about the new Heritage 21 (H21) please contact us or phone us on + 61 2 9519 2521 to make an appointment to come in and see our new offices at Suite 48, 20-28 Maddox Street, Alexandria NSW 2015.

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