Heritage Project Management

The involvement of a heritage architect in the construction process is crucial for the protection of heritage buildings under construction. H21 is well qualified to act as a consultant during the construction process.

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What is this service for?

Heritage 21 is able to manage your entire project from beginning to end. H21 has 35 years of experience in the heritage space. From design conception, acquisition of appropriate consultants, through to DA documentation and lodgement, obtaining a Construction Certificate, tendering for a builder, appointing a builder, signing a building contract, monitoring the works during construction and signing off pursuant to obtaining an Occupation Certificate. In this fashion H21 is able to guide the entire project through all stages of design, documentation, the approval process and physical construction of site with a licensed builder appointed on your behalf.

Why do I need this service?

Heritage is a specialist field and is unlike standard building projects. Due to the sensitivity and fragility of heritage buildings coupled with vocal community concern, heritage projects are fraught with pitfalls and unexpected latency. Therefore, H21 offers its expert knowledge and experience to assist applicants through the convoluted heritage process.

When do I need this service?

It is suggested that at the very beginning of the project often – even at conception/ design stage so that all the necessary precautions are taken to achieve a smooth flowing project without unexpected left field disruptions.

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