Interpretation Strategies

It is not enough to merely list a heritage place without communicating its values. Today, much effort and ingenuity is placed in the graphic representation of heritage values. Communication of heritage values to visitors and users of a heritage building greatly enhances the community’s involvement with cultural heritage in society. It also assists in the understanding of historical anecdotes surrounding a building’s provenance. Interpretation strategies are drawn from the intrinsic historical layering of identified heritage buildings. Interpretation is usually manifested in the graphic display of historical material in the foyers of buildings or important gathering points so that a maximum audience can be achieved. Interpretation is a combination of historical, graphic, photographic, text and other evidentiary material displayed for public consumption of cultural heritage places.

Heritage 21 has undertaken more than 30 Interpretation Strategies for State listed and other heritage buildings since starting its consultancy in 1994 and is therefore well placed to assist you with all your heritage documentation needs.



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