Heritage 21 is a highly professional firm of cultural built heritage specialists. We provide an all-round approach to the complexities facing urban change and provide the most professional heritage advice to our clients.



Heritage 21 advises many educational institutions at which cultural heritage is taught as a subject. H21 believes it is vital that students today receive a balanced understanding of how the heritage stock of buildings fits into contemporary society.

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Heritage 21 holds regular seminars for any person or group interested in the built heritage environment. The seminars range in size from small groups of three to twenty and more.

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Pre-Purchase Inspections

Money spent on pre-purchase advice for a heritage listed property is potentially crisis saving. Getting the right advice upfront from experienced heritage architects such as H21 is a wise move.

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Heritage Expert Witnessing

When applications are refused by either Councils or the Heritage Office, applicants may choose to take the matter to court. As a qualified conservation architect and heritage planner, Paul Rappoport is able to provide expert opinion in the NSW Land & Environment Court

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Heritage Construction Management

The involvement of a heritage architect in the construction process is crucial for the protection of heritage buildings under construction. H21 is well qualified to act as a consultant during the construction process.

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Heritage Design Advice

Heritage 21 offers it’s clients the most up to date advice on the adaptive re-use of heritage buildings, increasing the chance of approval by authorities

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Interpretation Strategies

Interpretation strategies are usually graphic displays of historical material in foyers of buildings or important gathering points in an effort to reach a maximum audience

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Photographic Archival Recordings

The purpose of a PAR is to produce a permanent record of heritage places in their current condition. I normally precedes demolition or substantial modification

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Conservation Management Plans

The CMP is a comprehensive document used as a guide to control future changes to important heritage buildings and places

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Statements of Heritage Impact

A heritage impact statement is a necessary first step in planning changes for heritage buildings and places

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Heritage listed block of flats Darlinghurst NSW

One Heritage List for all of Australia

How good would that be? One single heritage list for the entire nation - not the 30 or 40 separate l Read More
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Heritage versus Sustainability

Yesterday I attended a seminar in Pyrmont NSW entitled “Sustainability Live”. Read More
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Heritage Listings in NSW

Recently, I have been thinking about how we can improve our heritage listing processes in NSW Read More


Sites with heritage values present great opportunities, however often can be easily derailed if clear, concise and timely advice is not provide at the earliest stages of site planning.  I have worked with Heritage 21 over numerous projects across Sydney and have found them to be valuable project partners in the development process. 

Vince Hardy
urban planning consultant | cityscapeplanning+projects

DFP Planning has worked with Heritage 21 (previously Rappoport Heritage Consultants) on numerous projects many of which involved complex heritage challenges. We have always found Heritage21 to be proficient heritage specialists whose reports and assessments are detailed and well presented.

Whilst Heritage21 are committed to ensuring the integrity of heritage items and conservation areas is preserved, their professional approach results in a balance between heritage conservation and contemporary development being achieved in all instances.

Ellen Robertshaw
Partner | DFP Planning

Our recent commission completed by your team in November last year highlighted the high quality value that Heritage 21 contribute to our architectural projects.

At that time of the year, not only was the time frame extremely tight and the project initiation of the shortest notice, but the implications of the issues embedded in the project were of enormous import to our client.The successful outcome of that project demonstrated the sharp focus of the Heritage 21 strategic methodologies.

We appreciate the culture of Heritage 21 as we consider it to be underpinned by your company’s broad knowledge base and intellectual integrity. The complexities and challenges presented by heritage projects only enhance the sense of satisfaction when the projects have been successfully delivered. We consider that the input from Heritage 21 contributes significantly to that sense of achievement.We look forward to working with Heritage 21 on many future projects.

Richard Mann
Director | Ecosystem Architecture

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